My name is Jacob Slabosz (SLAY-boze), and I'm a photographer and designer based out of Antioch, Ill. I spend a large majority of my time at school at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where I am a sophomore in computer engineering. I take bookings in both Lake County and Champaign County for all sorts of occasions: general shoots for Instagram photos, graduation photos, senior portraits, pet photos, family portraits, you name it!
I got my start with photography as the online director of Sequoit Media at Antioch Community High School. I began with more inconsequential photos for smaller stories, and I eventually began sports photography and modeling/portraiture. From there, I worked my way into event photography, senior portraits, engagement photos, etc. At this point, I have dabbled in almost every subgenre of photography, including macro, astro and light painting.
At UIUC, I am the Managing Editor for Visuals at The Daily Illini, and I am the Vice President of Flashpoint Photography Club. 
The majority of my photos are shot on a Sony Alpha 7III with various lenses. Besides that, I also use a Canon EOS R6 and a Nikon D3500. As you may notice, I tend to prefer a more vibrant look to my photos, and you'll see that reflected in my editing. I usually like to give clients a handful of different editing options for one picture and have them choose 1-2 they like best before I edit all of them. Needless to say, if you don't love the vibrant look, let me know and we can definitely find something that will work better for your occasion.
If you have any specific questions, would like to discuss rates, or you'd like to schedule a shoot with me, don't feel afraid to reach out! Either use the contact form on this site, reach out to me on Instagram, or email me at jacob@slabosz.photography
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